I currently have a few hats I wear.  I've got the mom hat, and the wife hat.  I also wear the photographer hat, and I have a school counselor hat that's currently hanging up in the closet awaiting future use.  My family is my favorite.  I seriously lucked out in the biological and in-law department.  I'm embracing motherhood and all that it entails.  There are more than just good days or bad days; it's more like these crazy moments that fly by with lightning speed, ranging anywhere from face palms to contentment to wanting to cry to wanting to lie down and take a nap.  And you know what?  It's pretty wonderful.

I love projects.  I love that it gives me an opportunity to take off my mom hat for a little bit and just make something.  My husband and I are diving head first into all the projects as we move into his grandma's 1920's farmhouse and get it ready for our little family to live there.


I'm a mom to four and a wife to one. My life consists of telling my kids to stop spraying the hose in the garage, asking them to stop drawing on things with permanent marker, telling them to stop feeding the dog the lunch I just made, asking them to stop eating chips in bed and telling them to please, please be nice to each other. Also, please go to bed. I love my job as a part time Speech Language Pathologist and watching my husband coach basketball on the side.

Things can be a bit crazy but I love the chaos. Mostly. I love refinishing old things, thrifting and making my house my own.  I love seeing things change. I always have a project in the works. Maybe that's when my kids have the time to turn on the hose…..

I want to be able to answer people when they ask "How are things?" with an answer that is better than "fine". Everything might not always be EPIC but I know we can find those tiny moments everyday that help you make it through the rest of it. Even if it is a hilarious EPIC FAIL…..which just gives me a reason to finish what they started and clean out the garage.


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