Easy Halloween Party

Saturday, November 1, 2014

I love Halloween.

Love it.

It is by far my favorite holiday. I think it's because I also love fall and just can't wait to get into the holiday season. Crisp air, wearing sweaters, football and Halloween. Ahhhhh, this girl is happy.

My six year old shares my love of Halloween. This year he wanted to have a Halloween party for a few friends. Of course, as with everything I do, this quickly escalated to around 25 kids. Of course. I failed to meet his 1980's Double Dare-esqe obstacle course expectations, but he said we could still try that for next year. Next year? Meaning: total success :)

I held the party in my garage to two reasons. 

1. I had to clean it out anyway. 

2. I didn't want sticky kids inside my house for 2 hours. 

Call me crazy. 

I started decorating by hot gluing some black kraft paper ($0.15 a foot at my local office supply store, costing me about 7$ for the entire wall) to the inside of my garage door. It was easily done with the help of my extra tall and patient husband. Next, I strung cobwebs all across the paper. This was about half a bag from the dollar store. 

I used some thin wire to hang this frame from the top of the garage door. Then hung it over this haunted house print from Caravan Shoppe

 Have you ever used Caravan Shoppe for holiday decorating? They are absolutely the best. I purchased the "Drawn Together" pack for the party. It was $8.00 and the file came with everything I needed to print out on my own. My local office supply (not Staples, I am VERY small town and my local store did them easily, so call around if you don't have a big box store!) printed these out 38"x46" and I just hot glued them to the black paper. 

I used these coloring pages (part of the package) and  put them on the table for decoration. Have you every tried to take pictures at a party, while wrangling 25 kids ages 3-8? Well, just picture this table with some candy corn and a bingo game in process, because that picture didn't get taken :)

The kids enjoyed coloring this after the party. So did I. 

I used this adorable Bingo game I printed from Artsy Fartsy Mama. I was free! Also, colorful and very cute. I printed on card stock to save for next year!

I stapled alternating crepe paper to the ceiling and then twisted down…..

stapling it to the back of my long tables. This was cute and 
semi-hid things hanging on my garage walls 

If you don't have a creepy halloween skeleton, just borrow one from 
the high school anatomy class. The kids won't know the difference!

We had a variety of games to play including bingo, bobbing for apples, pumpkin bowling, donut eating contest and pin the bow tie on the skeleton.  

We also had some spooky treated including these Jello worms from Mel's Kitchen Cafe. Follow the recipe exactly and these were an easy, scary, VERY life like treat that both grossed out and amazed!

We finished by decorating sugar cookies and drinking bubbling witches brew. I will add more pictures when they come back from my mommy photographer who was there for crowd control and documentation! This party was fun for the kids and also very inexpensive! I'd call that a success!



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