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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Guys.  My email.  *shakes head*

I had 196 emails sitting in my inbox and everyday I ignored them, they grew more. I've been avoiding it because I just didn't feel like sifting through the junk to get to the real stuff from people I actually know...anyway, I'd like to introduce you to The Email Game!

*The friendly folks at Baydin who created the Email Game have no idea who I am.  I just really love this service and I wanted to share it with you.*  

It's free and it works with Gmail and google apps.  If you don't have Gmail,'s probably time to make the switch.

I love the Email Game. My emails grew from 196 to 247 in the couple of days I ignored my inbox, but I was able to cull through all of them in 15 minutes, and it would've been even faster if I hadn't gotten distracted half way through. 

Even better?  You don't have to create an account with them.  Even better than that?  It really is a game with a timer and points based on how fast you go through your messages.  

I think I was introduced to the Email Game from Kristen Kalp over at Brand Camp, back when she was helping me with my photography business (you should go take a peek at her website.  She's phenomenal for small business owners!).  I've been using the Email Game for a couple years now, and it keeps me from pulling my hair out over the sheer number of emails that can accumulate in my inbox.  

My biggest tip?  Unsubscribe!  If you find that you never really read the emails from XYZ that you signed up for a year ago, let it go.  You have enough going on in your life as it is.  

Give it a try, and let me know if you like it. 



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