Hanging a Gallery Wall the Easy Way

Friday, August 8, 2014

Isn't Mandy's gallery wall so great? I love her collection of prints. Today, it's my turn to show you my gallery wall and how I put mine together.

Also, be sure to get all the way to the end of the post for info on a fun giveaway!

Let me first say that my wall is filled with things collected over time. A long time. Not that it has to be that way, I just collected things to put up, but was to scared to pull the trigger. I mean, hanging it seemed daunting, and what if I didn't like it….the nail holes. Oh, the nail holes.  I'm super  non-comittal. I hate using nails to hang things, because I like to change things quite often.  Scary. Until I read a tutorial on HouseTweaking about how she uses 3M Command strips to hang her pictures. I decided it was time to get.it.on.

HouseTweaking gives a great tutorial (linked above) but I will give you a quick run down.

Once you have your 3M command strips, cut to size if your frame is small, or use an entire piece if you need. You will need two of the same size ( a pair) to hang a frame, sometimes more depending on weight.

Second, take the side without the pull tab and press it onto the frame. This frame was super light so I just put one right in the middle. You need to put it where it will have full contact with the wall. 

Next, press the piece with a pull tab onto the piece on the frame. Press the velcro into each other so they are secure.

When you are ready to hang, remove the protective paper and press your frame against the wall in the desired location. If you want to move the frame, you just pull the frame off the wall, then pull the tab on the piece stuck to the wall the release the sticky part with no damage! I will never use ANYTHING else.

Okay, let's get to the good stuff. I apologize for my pictures on this post. They just aren't as clear as I wanted them to be. I need to get it figured out! Now, let me tell you about some of the pieces on my wall.

I'm not hiding the fact that I am obsessed with GOLD lately. I mean, I think I've gone off the deep end. I was reading King Midas and the Golden Touch to my 6 year old and he said, "Mom, you totally want that. You wouldn't ever have to spray paint." Point taken, pal.

The gold frame in the center is from the D.I. I'll cross my fingers that you get lucky and find one like this. They are hard to come by, but can be found!

This little baby was found at the DI in the collectibles section. $3.00. Someday, I will take it to the Antiques Road Show. Or Cash4Gold. I'm sure it's not worth anything, but kids think its cool. 

Along with loving gold, I tend to hoard. You are learning a lot about me in this post! Now you know all my secrets. I have had the keys on this wall since I was first married. I bought them at an antique store and knew I would find a space for them. Turns out it only took me 11 years. Wow. I did hang these with nail, while breathing into a paper bag. 

The white frames in my gallery wall are from IKEA, Target and Walmart. I started hunting for anything that had a white frame and white mat. I wanted it to look put together but not have them all be the exact same frame. This gold frame is from IKEA, originally white, I got my spray paint out and it turned out really smooth.

Now, for my favorite piece on the wall. Mandy actually made this print for all the girls in our family. It is so fitting for me. I swear my kids will put the work "HUSTLE" on my grave stone. It's my WORD, man.

We are giving away 2 digital downloads of this custom HUSTLE print. 

Just comment on this blog post telling us a little about yourself! Anything really! Include your email so that we can contact you when you win!!

We are also giving one away on Instagram, so if you want to follow us there we are @epicincblog.



  1. Well... I have to have that print! So something about me: I'm learning how to watercolor paint.

  2. I too have hoarded away enough DI finds to put up a gallery wall in my bedroom! It has been my New Years resolution for the past 3 years maybe and is still not up! Maybe there is hope for me right!


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