Epic Fail Friday: The Tale of the Golden Triangles

Friday, August 1, 2014

While perusing the interwebs, I stumbled upon Urban Walls and I fell in love.  Every time I visited the site I had a new vision.  Plus signs!  Seeing stars!  Mini polka dots!  Triangles!  A few weeks later, some very similar vinyl decals came up on Brickyard Buffalo and I decided to go for it.  I decided on gold triangles.  My triangles came, then they sat on my desk.  Then I stuck them in a drawer so they wouldn't get bent out of shape by curious 3 year old hands.  Then I kind of forgot about it.  And by forgot about it, I mean "couldn't muster up the mental fortitude needed to do this project".

Months later, I decided it's go time.  I used painters tape to mark out potential patterns.  I tried using a cardboard square (that wasn't perfectly square...not a great plan for the pattern I was attempting).  I tried a tape measure.  I tried lots of things, but eventually got the blue painters tape more or less where I wanted it.  I wanted to be able to map out the pattern before committing to it with my lovely triangles.    

The first picture was my original pattern, but after Max's artistic input and busy hands, I settled on the pattern in the second picture, which I actually like much better than the first.  


My mom came up for the day, and we decided to tackle the gold triangles while the boys napped.  We removed the tape as we went, and replaced it with the vinyl.  You could see it taking shape!  I was falling in love.  

Finally, we finished.  The heavens opened.  Angels sang.  It was perfect.  

There's something about personalizing a space that makes me giddy.  Something about making it my own.  *Insert huge sigh* I loved it.  

10:30 rolls around and I peek in at Max before I went to bed.  Here's what I saw:  

So many swear words.  I know it's a wee bit dramatic, but I was crushed.  I was so excited about how this wall had turned out, and we didn't even make it 24 hours with it intact.  He had moved some triangles, and others he stacked on the side of his nightstand.  Others still were crumpled under his bed.  The next morning after he woke up, he told me he had fixed the triangles for me.

Face palm. 

But kind of cute, too. 

But more aggravating than cute. 

I was hoping that with how thin the vinyl was, his tiny fingers wouldn't be able to find purchase enough to rip them off.  Oh no.  I was sorely mistaken.  

I was able to peel the pile of triangles from his nightstand apart, and I actually reapplied them to the wall.  20 minutes into "naptime" later that day, and the triangles were even worse off after Max took more artistic liberties with the poor golden triangles.  With crushed spirits, I peeled off all of the triangles within his reach.  And eventually removed all of the triangles off of the wall, because if we're being honest, three rows of oddly spaced triangles at the top of the wall did not look cute or clever.  Swear words.  

So we're back to a naked white wall.  It's rather boring.  I'd love to get some stripes on there, or perhaps another cool pattern.  But it'd have to be paint.  Paint can't peel.  

*Double facepalm*



Have you had any epic fails recently, decor or otherwise?    

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