Killing It Shirt DIY (and Free Freezer Paper Stencil)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Can I tell you how much fun I had doing this shirt?  Probably too much.  Super straight forward, pretty darn quick = my kind of project.

Here's what you do:

Cut your stencil out of freezer paper (scroll to the bottom of the post for a free stencil).  Use a Cricut, Silhouette, or your handy dandy Xact-o knife. Make sure the waxy side is down.  It should look like this when you're done:

killing it stencil with freezer paperkilling it stencil and neon shirt

Next, place your stencil on your shirt (waxy side down!), then iron on.  Make sure the stencil is completely ironed on around the letters to ensure you get clean lines and no bleeding with your paint.  

freezer paper stencil before ironfreezer paper stencil after iron

Then, place some cardboard inside the shirt so you don't bleed through to the back.  This also gives you a better surface to paint on.  I used a folder from my filing cabinet, which actually worked perfectly.

folder to prevent bleedingfolder inside

Time to paint!  I used a small paint brush and Tulip soft fabric paint in velveteen black -- only because this was the only black Joann's had.  I was curious what it meant by velveteen...I will show you in a minute.

tulip soft velveteen blackkilling it neon shirt

I definitely recommend painting at least two coats, and make sure you get into the corners.  I'm all about crisp lines.  Repetitive much?  Let it dry, then peel off your freezer paper.  Ka-chow.  

paint two coatsremove stencil

The instructions on the paint bottle recommend letting it dry for 4 hours.  You should probably follow their instructions.  However, I'm not very patient.  I waited for maybe an was definitely dry to the touch.  Then, with your iron on steam setting, hold iron 1/2 inches above the painted surface until the paint appears textured.  This was the coolest part!  I could finally see what they meant by "velveteen".  It got kind of furry.  You probably can't see...but maybe if you zoom waaaaaay in... Furry sounds weird.  It wasn't like growing hair or anything.  Just a little soft-ish.  

steam killing itfinished product

Boom.  Done and done.

Here's the stencil, just for you.  Right click, save image as, and save it to your desktop.

free killing it stencil

To use with an Xact-o knife, print it out from there on regular printer paper.  Then place your freezer paper over it, use a little tape so it doesn't move on you, and trace your letters.  Now cut out your letters with your Xact-o knife.




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