Denim Chevron Quilt: Father's Day 2014

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hi.  I'm Mandy and I'm a procrastinator.

I tend to save things for the last minute.  Always have, always will.  My husband Paul requested a denim quilt for camping awhile ago.  We have a ridiculous number of sleeping bags, but none of them allow him to sprawl like he prefers.  It was a week before Father's Day and I thought to myself "Hey! Now's a great time to start a huge quilt".  I'm not sure why I'd think this, because I'm not a quilter.  My mother in law Karen, however, is the quilt ninja.  She's amazing.  She's also a good sport because when I came to her with my idea, she helped me get it done.

I had it narrowed down to three patterns. One was an ombré quilt with long strips of denim. Another was a bunch of different sizes of squares pieced together that looked kind of amazing, but would take a little more work. The third was a braided/chevron design that worked well with different colors of jeans and it looked pretty simple to put together.  We decided on the chevron one (click here for more detailed directions).

Karen cut about a bajillion 3 in x 10 in strips out of jeans. I sewed them together like this: 

I made 7 columns and built them up simultaneously, adding 6 strips of fabric to one column (3 on each side) before moving on to the next.  Also, let me introduce Sam.  He's my very helpful baby.

After lots of hours and about 4 bobbins of thread, it looked like this:

Then, Karen trimmed each column to be 10 inches wide and 76 inches tall. Because she's the nicest. 

Then I stitched the 7 columns all together.  Ta da!

When that was completed, I stitched around the entire quilt (1/4 inch) to prevent it from stretching, since the edges were now made of biased ends. Biased fabric? I'm not even sure what you call it. Basically the ends are stretchy. Sewing around the whole quilt helps to minimize the stretching that might occur when quilting it. 

Then we got it on the quilting machine. And by we, I mean Karen. 

We decided to do a wiggle. Pretty sure that's the technical term.  Straight lines on a diagonal are difficult to quilt, so my plan of two straight lines across each piece went out the window in favor of something easy.

This was Saturday night at 10:30. By this point I'm almost done with the quilting, and I'm pretty happy about it. We unpinned it from the quilting machine, trimmed it, and decided to bind it later.

I'll post the finishing touches once I get it bound! 




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